From hand-drawn sketches to full-colour floor plans

Renovation As-Built Cad Floor Plans For AEC Professionals

Accurate, high quality CAD files of existing conditions, ideal for space planning, renovation and retrofit projects. Files are supplied in AutoCAD DWG and PDF formats.

As-Built Floor Plans includes detailed layout of existing walls, ceiling heights, complete window and door schedule, all kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

MEP Survey includes information on the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing layout.

Interior Elevations include specific walls, measured at finished floor to ceiling height.

Exterior Elevations provide an accurate representation of exterior walls, window and door placement, roof line and overhang, attached decks and patios.

RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) includes detailed information of the existing ceiling and all ceiling fixtures, all exposed beam and joist information, slab / roof height.

Building Cross Sections is a cut from the foundation through the roof on a specific plane, including all information visible at the selected cross section.

Site Plans include the location of the existing structures, pools, trees, pathways and other information within an approximate property boundary. (Not a topographic survey).


Rate: From 15c / sq.ft., Minimum Rate $699*

*Based on level of detail required. Please call for an accurate quote. Rate may vary, subject to franchise discretion.

The Fine Print

Floor plans are copyright of Proper Measure Vancouver and are licensed for the exclusive use of the individual or entity that orders the plans. The individual or entity are free to use the floor plans as they see fit for the period of time that they have the property contractually listed. If the listing contract should expire, Proper Measure Vancouver reserves the right to resell the floor plans. Private resale or modification of floor plans to a third party by any individual or entity other than Proper Measure Vancouver is strictly prohibited.


Proper Measure - Floor Plan Example
Proper Measure - Floor Plan Example printed