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Undoubtedly since COVID-19 has hit us, every industry has had to adapt to new ways of conducting business. While most industries have started working from home, the real estate industry has had to find new ways to advertise homes. Gone are the days of open houses, of the wafting scent of freshly-baked cookies on the counter, and realtors doing walkthroughs of a prospective buyers’ dream home. Instead, the surge of 3D virtual real estate tours has risen, with a Matterport 3D walkthrough of MLS listings being the most convenient way to advertise and highlight all of the features of your listings. Despite COVID-19’s effect on the world, real estate in Canada has not slowed down in 2020.

How Virtual Real Estate Tours Work

How exactly do you host a virtual tour? The first step is to have a 3D tour of your MLS listing done. These are commonly done with 360 degree cameras such as Matterport cameras, which highlight every detail of a listing and provide a digital walkthrough controlled by the viewer. Whether you’re advertising a residential real estate listing, or an office lease space, or even a yacht listing, Matterport technology can help your listings sell faster!

The Benefits of Virtual Real Estate Tours

Undoubtedly one of the key benefits of hosting a virtual real estate tour is that you can be flexible with the time and location. Say your prospective buyer is interested, but only available Sunday at 9 pm. Nobody said being a realtor would be a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job! The beauty of a virtual real estate tour is that the tour is accessible 24/7 for viewing. By sharing virtual real estate tours, your listing is available 24/7 to anybody who wants to see it. Additionally, virtual real estate tours follow country-wide COVID-19 safety protocols and keep the population safe – while ensuring that your listings are optimized to the best of their capability. You should never have to compromise.

Our Matterport offerings include a dollhouse view, a walkthrough option for each room, and AutoCAD drafted floor plans. Your clients can enjoy exact measurements of each room, helpful for ensuring that sectional will fit!

Hosting No-Contact Real Estate Tours During COVID-19

Hosting no-contact virtual real estate tours.

  • Sending Invites To Virtual Real Estate Tours

Utilize your leads list by sending out newsletter campaigns to your virtual MLS listings. One of the effective ways to do this is by having your very own single property website as a link to send out in your newsletter email, and taking screenshots of your 3D listing. Perhaps embed the video into the newsletter? The possibilities of real estate marketing are endless.

  • Best Practices For Virtual Real Estate Tours

Like traditional real estate tours and photography, home staging is key. Ensure that unsightly deterrents are placed away, the spaces are tidy, and the home looks warm, inviting, and cozy. Remember, the Matterport cameras catch everything!

  • Sharing Your Realty Listings on Social Media

Social media has become a haven for advertising , especially in an age of no contact. Choose the best photos to highlight your listing, and include the important details. Share the link to your Matterport 3D tour for individuals to discover and explore the listing at their own convenience. Looking for real estate photography? Contact us for recommendations.

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just do a live video with my cell phone?” The answer is – of course. You could do a live video on a Facebook event, or record one for YouTube. You can do anything! But the quality of the video becomes compressed when translated to social media platforms. Our phone cameras are incredibly powerful – but nothing compares to the clarity of a Matterport 3D camera. Besides, the benefit is that the user can control the walkthrough tour on their own, and discover rooms and house features at their leisure.

Canadian Real Estate Statistics for 2020

Canadian real estate statistics 2020

Undoubtedly the two provinces consistently leading the way in real estate are British Columbia and Ontario. This year alone in British Columbia, housing prices increased from 2019 by an average of 10%. Despite financial forecasts of real estate in Ontario decreasing by up to 17% this last spring, the Ontario real estate market has held steady.

Canadian mortgage rates hit an all-time low in 2020, falling under 2% for some 5-year fixed term rates. With all-time borrowing lows, there is no slowing down for Canadian real estate – despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Single Property Websites: How To Advertise Your Listings

One of the ideal ways to advertise your MLS listings is to host your property on a single property website. By using a single property website, you’re able to customize the content for the listing, as well as host the virtual tour video. These sites are exclusive to you and act as a landing page for your MLS listings. What are some of the benefits of using a single property website?

  • Custom Content

Choose what you’d like to advertise about your MLS listing, AutoCAD floor plans, 3D scans, virtual tours, address location pins, and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising using a single property website.

  • Embedded 3D MLS Tour Videos

Our single property website services allow you to embed videos of the Matterport 3D tours which are easy to navigate for your buyers. Show off highlight reels in MP4 format videos.

  • Built-In Contact Forms

Have your prospective buyers contact you directly through your own landing page. (PSST – build your mailing lists here!)

Interested in hosting and building your own single property website? Contact us today to have one set up.

Proper Measure Real Estate Marketing Services

Our company has been in operations since 2007 and has become a leader in Canadian real estate marketing through our innovative technology and impeccable customer service built on long-lasting relationships with realtors across Canada. We have a proven track record of success when it comes to advertising your listings.

Let your listings sell themselves. Contact us today for a quote on your listing, and learn the difference a 3D Matterport tour can make.

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