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Okanagan Real Estate: The Seller’s Market

Okanagan real estate is absolutely heating up as we move into the warm summer months in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, Verno...
Unique listing in the Greater Vancouver real estate market
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Most Unique MLS Listings in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market

Vancouver has notoriously some of the most unique architecture and structures in Canada. The city’s great and rich history has ...
Penthouse condo floor plans Victoria
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3 Types of Condo Floor Plans in Victoria

Our 7 Favourite Condo Floor Plan Measurements One of our favourite parts of measuring floor plans is the incredible architectu...
Proper Measure Real Estate Photography Services
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Benefits of Franchise Ownership

What Is A Franchise? Before we get into the benefits of franchise ownership, let’s talk about what a franchise entails, and th...
Retail business using Matterport tour
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How To Use Matterport For Your Retail Business

Have you ever considered the benefits of using Matterport for your retail business? Or are you wondering what a Matterport came...
Buying real estate in Brampton
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Brampton Real Estate: Buying New Homes vs. Resale Homes

When it comes to buying Brampton real estate, you have the choice of buying a new home, or buying a resale home. New homes may ...
Staging the perfect home office tips
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Home Staging Tips: Staging The Perfect Home Office For Your Listing

Benefits of Adding A Home Office To Your Real Estate Listing Nearly one year ago, we as a world were struck with the COVID-19 ...
Residential Measurement Compliant floor plans in Calgary
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Residential Measurement Standard Requirements for Calgary Real Estate 

What Is the RMS (Residential Measurement Standards)?   The Residential Measurement Standards is the Alberta real estate standa...
Toronto Matterport virtual tours for real estate
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Toronto Virtual Real Estate Tours: How Important Is A Virtual Tour?

It’s no secret that the Toronto real estate market is, and has been consistently booming. With a whopping 95,151 sales recorded...
Proper Measure Real Estate Photography Services
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Real Estate Photography With Matterport Cameras: Tips for Virtual Listings

The future of real estate is digital, with a surge in virtual MLS tours, and notably increased quality of real estate photograp...