Toronto Virtual Real Estate Tours: How Important Is A Virtual Tour?

Toronto Matterport virtual tours for real estate

It’s no secret that the Toronto real estate market is, and has been consistently booming. With a whopping 95,151 sales recorded for the GTA real estate, house sales in Toronto reached a record high in December 2020 – with over 7,000 houses sold. Even amidst a pandemic, Toronto real estate will not falter. We are simply shifting towards a new era – an era of virtual real estate tours. 

While the market trends indicate no slowing down, the fact is that the way that all industries are conducting business has changed. Many industries have turned to more virtual options. See for example: Babylon by Telus Health. Telus has taken the world by storm by providing virtual health care. No more waiting in doctors offices, lineups, or at pharmacies. The world of virtual reality has forever changed the medical industry in the past year. 

Real estate has also made the adaption to virtual reality when it comes to the ways in which we conduct business. Most real estate showings, and even closings can be handled completely contact-free. The key to a successful MLS listing is accurately and effectively highlighting your listing features, to stand out above the rest. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make situs slot online terbaik 2022 your listings stand out is to offer a virtual real estate tour. 


What Does A Virtual Real Estate Tour Look Like

A virtual real estate tour looks like your client’s dream home, imagined from every possible angle. Toronto is home to some of the world’s most unique architecture when it comes to commercial and residential spaces. The beauty of a Matterport camera is that they’re designed to pick up every detail when capturing the video for a virtual 3D tour. 

A virtual real estate tour is honest, so make sure your home is adequately prepped to make sure your listing is best represented. 

The Process of Creating A Virtual Real Estate Tour

When it comes to creating a virtual real estate tour for your Toronto listing, your certified Matterport technician will meet you at the location with equipment in hand. Bearing in mind COVID-19, all Proper Measure Matterport technicians will arrive adequately prepared with sanitized equipment, bearing masks and all other necessary precautions. 

Your Matterport technician will proceed to walk through each room of the house, checking for any minute details which could be potentially detrimental to your 3D virtual real estate tour. Once each room is cleared of potential debris, your Matterport technician begins situs judi slot online mudah menang outside of the home, making their way into the entranceway, creating a 360 degree view of each room and transition or hallway. The camera catches every angle and provides the Matterport technician with the content to create the 3D walkthrough of your home, or listing. 

It’s important to note that pets are safely stowed away while your Matterport technician is in each room. If your pet doesn’t remain still through the shooting process there may be a blur, or noticeably rough transition. For the same reason, we ask that you remain out of the room while we’re currently shooting in! 

3D Walkthroughs vs. Floor Plans – Which Is Better for Toronto Real Estate?

CAD conversion floor plans for Toronto real estate

The short answer is: both!

A 3D Matterport walkthrough provides a visually stunning experience which is controlled entirely by the viewer with a 24 hour access to the always-open house experience. A floor plan helps a buyer to visualize the amount of space within the rooms or yard space in the listing. Proper Measure floor plans are composed of exact measurements and vibrant colours to make your listings pop. 

Does your listing have old blueprints that are outdated? Proper Measure also provides CAD conversions to update blueprints into a fully editable digital file and provide you with full colour floor plans. Dust off those old hand-drawn blueprints, and let us create a digital version of your floor plans. 


The Benefits of Virtual Reality Tours for Realtors

  • A virtual real estate tour is an always-open house

As a realtor, you know the pressures of working long hours, evenings and weekends. Nobody said that it was going to be easy, but with a virtual real estate tour, your job becomes infinitely easier. With a 3D Matterport tour, your potential buyers can view the listings on their own time. (Bonus – host a single property website to fully customize the listing highlights!) 

  • Virtual MLS tours create a sense of ownership

When your clients are viewing a listing, it’s easy to provide stunning two-dimensional photography to show off listing features. Realtors have been reliant upon photographs for years to grab a buyer’s attention online. But the beauty of a virtual MLS tour is that your login slot88 buyers are able to actually envision themselves within the home, creating an instant sense of ownership for that listing. 

  • Virtual real estate tours are extremely cost-effective

It’s important to know where to invest in real estate marketing. Do you go for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, paid email marketing lists, or do you focus your finances in ensuring your listing looks its best once it’s being viewed? In fact, up to 87% of real estate listings featuring a virtual tour will receive more views straight from the get-go. For as low as $159.00 for a 3D Matterport listing tour, you can increase your listing’s selling odds exponentially. 


Benefits of Virtual Reality Tours for Buyers

Proper Measure Toronto real estate measuring

  • A virtual real estate listing allows a buyer to browse at their leisure

Perhaps your buyers work odd hours, night shifts, weekends, and you aren’t able to come together with a time for a viewing that works for both of you. By providing a 3D Matterport tour, your buyers are able to scroll through and explore on their own terms. 

  • Virtual real estate tours provide a contact-free experience

In the age of COVID-19, more and more contact-free experiences are becoming imperative for any type of business. While many industries have been unable to adapt fully, real estate can be conducted entirely contact-free with the 3D Matterport MLS tour. 

  • Buyers can tour multiple residences in a shorter amount of time

Save time for your buyers. Instead of having multiple in-house listings in one day, you can simply send your buyers the MLS listings (or single property websites!) for homes they may be interested in, and let them view multiple listings in one day, at their convenience. 


Choosing Your Toronto Real Estate Photographer

When it comes to real estate, Toronto is a burgeoning market. It can be overwhelming when choosing your real estate photographer, as you’re trying to build long-lasting business relationships, and somebody you feel comfortable working with – time and time again. 

  • Check your real estate photographer’s portfolio

Have they produced quality work? Have they worked with realtors who have seen success from their efforts? Make sure their work stacks up, and that their portfolio showcases what you’ll need them for – be it commercial real estate photography, residential, floor plans, or Matterport tours. 

  • Shop around for a good photography rate

Always remember that you get what you pay for. While a real estate photographer’s rates may be cheap, that may be an indicator that their work quality isn’t necessarily the greatest if they’re trying to undersell themselves. Choose a real estate photographer whose rates are comfortably in the middle (or one who’s offering an introductory rate!) 

  • Consider an entire list of services

Perhaps you’re initially looking for somebody who offers simple photography. But in the future you may want to look towards incorporating 3D Matterport real estate tours. But your real estate photographer doesn’t offer that, or drone/aerial photography, or any of the other additional services you’re now looking at. Right from the get-go it’s a good idea to work with a real estate photographer who can do it all for you – from Matterport tours, to interactive floor plans, CAD conversions, and more. 

  • Check your photographer’s reviews

These days most businesses have a Google My Business listing. It’s easy to quickly look up your real estate photographer to check their reviews – were they personable, friendly, timely, and provide quality work? People leave reviews when they’re thrilled with services, or severely disappointed. Look for a real estate photographer with 5-stars!


So, How Important Is A Virtual Tour For Toronto Real Estate?

(View the Single Property Website with full floor plans and photography for this Toronto listing)

In summary – when it comes to real estate in Toronto, you want your listings to turn heads. Adding a virtual tour, or 3D Matterport tour, can add more value to your listings and help them sell quicker and easier. It’s safe to say in real estate yes, adding a virtual tour is extremely important in today’s market. 


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